Business Services

Any staffing agency can send you a body to fill a position. Future Force Services, Inc. works with multiple Job Centers and Staffing Agencies that are specialized in finding the best employee candidates for your specific needs.

After 25 years of staffing, we know how to go that extra mile to make sure you have more than a worker warehouse, but you have a Business Partner that is truly interested in your success…because it’s our success!

Staffing for All Labor Categories
Identify your specific need, and our Partner Staffing Agencies will provide appropriate candidates.

  • Clerical / Administrative Support
  • Light Industrial / General Labor
  • Skilled Trades
  • Technical Staffing

Flexible Commitments
You’ll try us because you need help – You’ll come back because we meet your needs.
No “Lock-In” contracts, No non-compete clauses, just Quality Staffing Support.
  • Use employees for as little as 4 hours with no further obligations
  • Keep employees indefinitely, as long as you have the need
  • Flexible scheduling allows you to only pay for employees when there is work to be performed
  • Direct Hire employees that you must keep on staff
  • No-Fee Hire-In after initial requirements are met

Meeting Client’s Needs
Everything our Future Force Services, Inc. and our Partner Staffing Agencies do can be tailored to the specific needs of your company. We won’t force you into the mold established by corporate-minded companies that see you as just another account.
  • SDS – Same Day Staffing when you need help now! (Limited to specific labor categories)
  • Direct Placement or On-Site Interview (no additional charge)
  • Single Invoice covers all employee expenses, including:
/////////-Wages and Benefits
/////////-Federal, State and Local taxes
/////////-Workman’s Compensation
/////////-MESC & FICA

Assuring Quality Personnel
Our Partner Staffing Agencies constantly screen employees to ensure the highest quality candidates for you company.
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Skills Assessment
  • Social Security verification
  • Available On-Site Drug Screening

The Bottom Line…
Is YOUR bottom line. Their is a better solution to staffing your business; one that will save you money and give you the flexibility to meet your customer’s needs better while trimming your costs at the same time.

Do You:
  • Spend money on expensive job postings only to get swamped with useless resumes sent by people that never read you ad?
  • Have in-house recruiters that don’t do much recruiting because of the ups and downs of your business cycle?
  • Do you want an easier way to add and subtract from your payroll…and yet have none of the headaches of paperwork?
  • Need a Totally Flexible Staffing Solution tailored to your companies culture and business needs?

Contact Future Force Services, Inc. TODAY and we will provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation proposal detailing how we will meet your specific staffing requirements.